TikTok Shop Vendor Onboarding & Content Creation Services

Centream is the handpicked, official 'Affiliate Partners' of TikTokShop, empowering us to onboard vendors onto their trending platform.

Not only are we authorised to list your products on TikTokShop, but we are also able offer to offer product subsidies and the opportunities to undertake affiliate selling with other content creators.

Furthermore, Centream's in-house content specialists are able to curate for you in-trend videos that will capture the attention of your desired customer segment through the use of targeted, viewership boosting strategies.


Studio Booth Rental

The studios at Centream are meticulously decorated according to current and unique themes while bearing in mind the importance of having sufficient space, soundproofing and great lighting.

Studios A to C ranges between 8 metre square to 12 metre square in size, equipped with matching furniture and industry-specific equipment such softbox and ring lights, wall-mounted clothing racks and much more.

Apart from live selling/streaming, these studios can also be utilised for a variety of purposes such as podcasting, product photography/videography, music rehearsal and much more.

Live Streaming Talents

Centream offers a talent pool of trained streamers to aid with your live streaming sessions, with each individual bringing to the table a unique set of benefits for your sale.

These professionals will assist to showcase your products and ensure that you audiences remain engaged and entertained whilst tuning in to the live session.  

Inbound and Outbound Storage Services

Our secure facility is able to receive your pallets direct from your shipper and have them stored safely and neatly. Once received, we will then notify you of it's arrival.

Our storage facility is over 1,200 square meters and is able to store up to 25 pallets, all under 24/7 surveillance and the watchful eye of our entrusted staff.

There are no items that are too big or small for us and kept under a cool environment at all times.

Most importantly, we ensure that storage prices are kept affordable and can be catered to your budget.  

QC Space Rental

Our Quality Check Spaces are designed to keep our customer stress-free, relaxed and cool under air-conditioning. Surrounded by flora and fauna, these two QC spaces are meant for you to breakopen your newly-arrived pallets and inspect your goods at ease.

The space is also fitted with ample number of power points and furniture to ensure that your experience at Centream remain comfortable and relaxed at all times.

The area is also kept under 24/7 surveillance so that your items continue to remain secured at our premises.

Order Fulfilment Services

Centream offers to fulfill all your orders, right to the end user.

Our trained logisticians promises to pick, pack and label them accurately, securely and neatly. we will also provide you a reliable delivery service with tracking capabilities so that you have a ease of mind at all times.